The Anterior Segment

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The Cornea

Light from the world around you enters your eye through the clear cornea. Most light focusing occurs between air and its curvature. It consists of several layers of clear living cells and collagen.

The Angle and Trabecular Meshwork

Another important part of your eye, near the outer edge of the colored iris inside, is an area called the angle. Here, there is a constant inflow and outflow of nourishing, clear aqueous fluid. This fluid travels from behind your iris, through the pupil, and out an area called the trabecular meshwork.

The Natural Lens

Behind your cornea, your eye has a clear lens that focuses light onto the retina. The lens is flexible, and can change shape, to fine-focus light from both near and far objects.

The lens consists of four layers. It is this lens, inside your eye, that provides fine-focusing for your vision.

The Ciliary Body

A very important structure encircling the lens inside your eye is called the ciliary body. Muscles inside the ciliary body change the shape of the flexible lens for our fine-focusing.


Your eyes are part of a very complex and beautiful visual system. Any changes to your eyes, eyelids, or vision should be brought to your eye care provider’s attention immediately.

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