I know that everyone sees sunglasses as a great summer fashion accessory.  They can also play an important part in maintaining the health of your eyes, however.

I read a recent report of the arrest of a man responsible for the theft of nearly £30,000 worth of spectacles and sunglasses

I am pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for Entrepreneur’s Circle Best Family Business Award 2019!

Entrepreneur’s Circle works with thousands of UK businesses offering insights, training and all the real life support they need to achieve success.  Having the support and encouragement of your peers in business is a wonderful feeling and it would be a tremendous achievement for us to win this award.

The hay fever season is already upon us.  I was staggered to read that some 18 million people in the UK have allergic hay fever reactions ranging from itchy eyes to difficulty with breathing.

I read with interest that US researchers believe using a virtual reality headset could help improve diagnosis of glaucoma by making testing easier and more frequent.