Low Vision Awareness Month

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February is Low Vision Awareness month, and in this article, we explain what it is, what causes it and what you can do about it, with the help of Optical Specialists, like Help Me See.


What is Low Vision?


Low vision is a condition that affects the patient’s eyesight when regular glasses, contact lenses, medicine or surgery have been tried, but people still have difficulty with every day tasks.


How many people are affected?


It’s thought that one in six adults in the UK over age 45 has low vision; one in four adults over age 75 has low vision. The most common types of low vision include: Loss of central vision: There is a blind spot in the centre of one’s vision.  Typically, most people with low vision are over 65.  It is also estimated that the problem is going to get worse as the years progress, possibly because the general population is ageing and living longer.


What causes low vision?

Low vision can be caused by progressive eye disease or other health disorders that affect the eyes or a recent or past eye injury that has deteriorated the health of the eye or possible birth defects.


How does low vision manifest itself?

Usually, low vision develops over time due to ageing or to a degeneration of the eye itself.  There could be a genetic propensity due to certain health conditions.  However, if a patient suffers a sudden trauma to the eye itself, this can result in a complete loss of vision or can impair the vision, as in low vision itself.


What can be done about low vision?

Well, the first port of call would be to see your Optician.  Explain the situation to them and they’ll check out your eyesight and give you a thorough examination.  It’s also worthwhile speaking to your Doctor too, to

Low Vision Awareness Month

rule out any health issue that may be causing low vision.

Your Optician will test for low vision and develop an appropriate treatment plan specifically for your problem.  This can be in the form of specialist prescription glasses or contact lenses, specialist optical systems, medical rehabilitative therapy to maximise the ability for the patient to perform daily activities of living, or video magnification.



If you think you may be suffering with low vision, then we would suggest that you book an appointment with your Doctor first, to rule out any underlying health issues, and then book and appointment with a specialist optician that is fully versed with your condition and will be able to offer bespoke solutions to help you.

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If you think you may have low vision, or indeed, have any issues or concerns with your eyesight, then why not book an appointment online to come in and see us.  We’ll be able to take your medical history, listen to your concerns, test your eyesight and give you sensible advice on the best solution for you.

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