Driving Lenses

For vision that’s clear, when the road is not.

Enhanced vision in low-light conditions

Reduced perceived glare from oncoming traffic

Wide view for changing focus between the road, screen displays and mirrors

At The Eye Site, we understand the importance of exceptional vision when driving. Being without a set of fully functioning glasses when driving is not only extremely frustrating, but also potentially dangerous, and that’s why The Eye Site are here to help.

Don’t hesitate to contact The Eye Site for your driving glasses today!

For those of us who struggle to see at the best of times, specialist driving glasses are not only absolutely essential, but also potentially lifesaving! The problems that could be caused in the future by not having sufficient vision while driving are numerous, with accident and injury being the worst-case scenario.

You could also be paying out a significant amount in compensation should your car insurance be impacted by poor driving as a result of issues with your vision. To avoid something like this happening to you, don’t hesitate to contact The Eye Site as soon as possible.

Without Driving Lenses

With Driving Lenses

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