Drivesafe Driving Lenses

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Spectacle Lenses

As the roads become increasingly crowded and we spend a lot of time driving, our eyes become easily tired.

The Drivesafe lenses, especially designed for driving, enhance comfort and safety while driving, offering the wearer clearer vision not only during the day but also during the night.

The benefits of Drivesafe lenses:

  • Reduces visual fatigue
  • Offers better comfort and enhanced visual acuity
  • Ensures better vision of the dashboard and rear-view mirrors
  • Incorporates a night vision zone especially designed for night driving
  • Minimizes reflections
  • Provides enhanced contrast
  • Offers 100% UV protection
  • Reduces the intensity of all traffic lights
  • They are lenses that can be fully personalized
  • Recommended for all drivers

Through their design, Drivesafe progressive and single vision lenses take into account more parameters, considering also the change in focus ability during night time, compensating night myopia. This creates a special area adapted to night time vision, offering the drivers better vision quality, reducing stress and eye fatigue.

Drivesafe progressive lenses offer comfort and enhanced visual acuity when looking at the dashboard of the car and the rearview mirror. The lateral distortions are minimized and peripheral vision is improved.

Drivesafe lenses combine one monomer (UVAllBlue) with one coating (DriveLight) which helps filtering the intensity of light from coming traffic and not only, reducing the blinding glare sensation, minimizing reflections, enhancing visual comfort and contrast perception, offering 100% UV protection at the same time.

Due to the innovative design and state of the art surfacing technology, Drivesafe lenses can be used in any daily activity.

Drivesafe progressive lenses are available in S and M corridor.

Required measurement: pupilar height, pantoscopic tilt, back vertex distance and WRAP angle.

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