Camber Steady Lenses

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Spectacle Lenses

The Camber Steady design is based on an innovative methodology that, for the first time, controls the power distribution, to achieve null power in the lateral areas of the progressive lens. The effect is an immediate improvement of general visual performance with better and more stable vision in the periphery of the lens.

The design is the result of several years of investigative research and clinical trials which led to the creation of a premium progressive lens. Its unique architecture gives you an enhanced visual experience. Image stability under dynamic conditions is possible due to the use of complex calculation formulas not used before. The different lens geometry approach using the Steady method provides greater visual freedom and comfort for the wearer.

The processing technology of Camber Steady lenses is based on:

Digital Ray Path®, which allows the customization of the lenses with the parameters specific to each wearer;

Camber Technology® that combines a varying base curve with the design of Steady.

The result of the study showed high satisfaction rates for the new Camber Steady lens. All patients were satisfied when using the lenses for all distances, experiencing a “wow” effect and immediate satisfaction. Camber Steady lenses are ideal for all progressive lens wearers, experts or novices, looking for a premium progressive lens that offers both extended visual fields and minimal lateral distortion.

Camber Steady is available as Plus design and Individual design.

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